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Sun International’s competitive advantage stems from their competence in both the development and operation of casinos, hotels and resorts. With new development in mind, Sun International engaged with an architectural partner to develop an entertainment complex that pushed the boundaries of technology which they called Time Square.

As the newest member of the Sun International family, Time Square needed its own brand identity. Being centred around the concept of time, the Time Square name needed to be further developed into a brand that could speak to a variety of consumers with enough flexibility to accommodate added offerings as the brand grows.

The colours we chose to use for Time Square includes a colour spectrum that is a simple vignette that ranges from hour to minute. This colour spectrum allows for a different colour to be used for different times of the day.

Looking at the lines incorporated within the architecture, it resembles the lines which we used in the Time Square Typography. The Time Square Typography was further inspired by the angles of clock hands, as the hour hand on a normal 12-hour analogue clock turns 360° in 12 hours and the minute hand rotates 360° in 60 minutes.





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Date January 2017
Skills Corporate Branding, Visual Language
Client Sun International