Equestrian-inspired glamour,
for decades to come.

The Met; Africa’s oldest horse racing event and one of its most prestigious, has a new sponsor; luxury hospitality, gaming and entertainment group, Sun International. Introducing The Sun Met celebrated with G.H.Mumm.

A new name calls for a new brandmark and visual identity. With an event of such stature, our challenge was to stay true to its history and add to its legacy. To bring the new brand essence to life, we carefully crafted the brandmark and visual language, drawing inspiration from the experiences the race day has to offer. From the jockeys and horses to the fashion and elegance.

The strips of colour within the brandmark represents the flamboyant fine silks the jockeys wear. The horse within the brandmark is illustrated as if being in full stride, to represent the power, adrenaline and speed that these equestrian beasts bring to the racecourse.

The vibrant and glamour-inspired identity reinforces the events’ reputation of being the most prestigious race in the country, positioning it as Africa’s greatest race day; a day filled with equestrian-inspired elegance and timeless glamour, a meeting ground for socialites, horse-racing fans and fashionistas to see and be seen.


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Date January 2018
Skills Corporate Branding, Event Branding
Client Sun International