Circle is a strategic brand consultancy, design studio, and implementation specialist. We offer strong conceptual thinking, pay rigorous attention to detail and create bespoke, innovative solutions to business problems bringing them to life with our versatile production techniques.





Design can be summed up in three words:


We use design to bring clarity to the organisations, products and service solutions that we work with.


We use design to create beauty in the world, ensuring that all our work brings joy to those who engage with it.


We use design to surprise and delight all those whose lives it touches, through its creative relevance to their world.


Design should bring clarity to your product, service or offering. Design should make that offering beautiful, from form to function. And design should delight by delivering something new, unexpected and refreshing. This is what we know about the world. The best ideas come from creative play – it’s a license to try – allowing yourself to think ‘What if?’ and then giving it a go. Great brands are generous. Generosity is a mindset. It’s a beautiful way to live and it draws people closer. It’s engaging. You, as the client, love your business and know it better than anyone else. It’s also the thing that you’ve entrusted us with. So when we create work for you, we will respectfully do so with this in mind. Design and branding changes every day. Every day we learn, we play, and we grow. And then do it again the next day. Every day, every thought and every action presents an opportunity to take everyone’s learnings and move forward.

Debby Stuart, Business Director

Debby Stuart

Business Director
+2783 305 1108

With a background in production and management, Debby has a comprehensive understanding of both the creative process and the business behind it. Because of this, she embraces challenges, looking for opportunities to maximise clients’ return on investment. Debby has headed up a range of projects for clients, such as Absa, Alliance Media, Edgars, Gosh Cosmetics, South Point, Sun International, Vox Telecom and White Pearl Resorts. She co-leads Circle with equal attention to the business and the creative goals of clients, bringing clarity, commitment, and a smile to all she does.

Robert du Toit, Creative Director

Robert du Toit

Creative Director
+2783 273 9882

Rob is an award-winning creative director that brings a holistic approach to branding. Combining strategy, design, advertising and art direction, his experience gives him a point of view unique to the industry. Over the years, he’s created breakthrough work for large and small brands including Absa, Maybach, Standard Bank, Sun International, Vox Telecom, and many more. His work has been recognised by The Loeries, The Clio Awards, Logo Lounge and Brand Magazine, as well as being featured in a wide range of design and creative publications. Rob is also an experienced piper, the bandleader of the Benoni MacTalla Pipe Band, and an avid motorcyclist.

We offer our clients a sustainable strategic brand development and implementation partnership that is founded on creativity, mutual trust and respect and a desire to use beautiful design to make a significant difference to the world we live in. In this we are guided by our values; a love of design; a passion for partnership; complete integrity in all we do.

Our creative process is simple:


An insatiable curiosity for the world we live in, the category your brand competes in, where you have come from, and where you want to go. This in-depth insight will reveal the future opportunities for your brand.


Clearly defining the body of ideas and beliefs that reflect the vision and direction of your brand. These will become the guiding principles for how you live, breathe and deliver your brand every day in every single way.


Bringing the essence of your brand to life in creative, engaging and enduring ways through design, communication and community engagement.